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Pumpkin Patch, Parte Dois




pictures courtesy of Stacey Morris



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Pumpkin Patch

Hello. My name is Maya, and I have a thing for pumpkin patches.

I suppose “a thing” might be putting it mildly. To me, they are the symbol of fall. They get me in the mood for baking and crafting and cocooning myself in sweatshirts, blankets, and big winter coat until spring. But really, I LOOKED FORWARD TO HAVING A BABY SO I COULD TAKE HIM/HER TO A PUMPKIN PATCH FOR PICTURES.

You can ask Mark. From early on in my pregnancy I would daydream not about baby’s first Christmas or first birthday, but about the first time we’d take him to a pumpkin patch for pictures.

Be honest: are there many cuter things than a little baby in fall clothes with pumpkins?


I carefully chose our outfits for our first family pumpkin patch excursion, so we could use a picture or two for our Christmas card. I even brought an extra outfit for Menininho, to placate Mark. I practically trembled with excitement the entire 45-minute drive. The patch did not disappoint. There were rows of affordable pumpkins of all shapes and color, Indian corn, food booths, hayrides, corn mazes, and a live band.

The best part? Menininho’s obvious love of the pumpkin patch:

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