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Today I’m writing on prompt #2 for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop: If you could have given yourself a snapshot 5 years ago of what your life is like now, what would the picture be of and how do you think you would have felt about it?

I thought about this for a while and finally chose this picture, which I took a couple of nights ago. Menininho is going to town on some beef and beans, totally grossing out my mom and Mark, and cracking me up.

Five years ago I wasn’t sure I’d ever have a biological baby. I desperately wanted to experience pregnancy (you know, some day after I was married and all that; not as a sophomore at college) and it was just too early to tell if that would be able to happen for me. I worried about it a lot, increasingly so as the years went by…right up until I was able to hold Menininho for the first time, when he was REAL.

So, it would have alleviated a lot of anxiety to be able to see this snapshot and know that things would turn out ok, that I’d have a spunky, independent little boy with a stubborn streak as long as I am tall.

Menininho’s learning so much now it blows my mind. His new thing is “reading” books. He’ll sit in the book corner we’ve constructed for him (Mark installed a small bookshelf next to the kitchen table, full of board books) and just open and close books forever. Today he came when my mother called him, and tonight he tried to crawl out the door after Mark and I when we left to see a movie. Then he cried when he realized he wasn’t coming with us. He also knows what will get him into trouble. For instance, he’ll sneak over to grab the TV remote and then try to crawl away fast as soon as he’s caught. I can’t believe how quickly my little baby is growing up, and I can’t wait to see what happens five years from now!



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Menininho is really confused about physical milestones. He’s met all his social ones on time or early (making eye contact, smiling, giggling) but is kind of behind on his physical ones. At 3 months old he doesn’t, when flat on the floor, lift his head up too well, has pushed himself up by his arms only twice, hasn’t rolled over, and doesn’t seem interested in reaching for or even swatting at his toys.

I practice these things every day with him.  Menininho gets tummy time on his own and on the Boppy, has several of those toys he lays under, and spends plenty of time on a blanket. I’m not really worried about this though, since he’s meeting the social milestones and because all kids develop at different rates.

The reason I say Menininho is confused is because even though he’s not really doing any of the milestones that come before it, by golly does this boy want to SCOOT. He’s been propelling himself with his legs since he was maybe 6 or 7 weeks old. He doesn’t get far, maybe a few inches, but he focuses sooo hard on it, scrunching up his face and grunting.

This morning I set him on the boppy, hoping he’d lift his head up some more. Instead, this is what happened, all from him kicking his legs:



You can’t tell in the photo here, but he’s still kicking his legs, pushing against the Boppy trying to propel himself further forward. I’m going to be in trouble when he does learn to crawl…he’ll be all over the place!

I’m thinking he’s going to be a Professional Breaststroke Kicker like his mom. (I could out-kick even some of the All-State swimmers on my HS swim team, but force me to add in the arms and well, that’s why I was one of the slowest swimmers on the team…)


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