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Have a Heart Giveaway!!!

February is Have a Heart Month, to raise awareness for Marfan syndrome. 1 in 5,000 people have Marfan or a related disorder, but only about HALF of those know they have it. Since, with proper treatment, people with Marfan can live to a normal life expectancy, it’s imperative to get the word out about Marfan and its symptoms.

I’m excited to be able to host a giveaway in honor of Have a Heart Month! Larie Beck is a mother to a child with Marfan syndrome and we met several years ago via an online chat. Besides being a homeschooling mother to two and an active NMF volunteer, Larie makes beautiful jewelry!

Larie has created the Have Heart necklace specifically for this giveaway. This one of a kind necklace features 3 hammered, silver hearts dangling from a silver chain. It is accented with fire polished, red crystal beads, red glass heart and seed beads. It measures 11.5 inches from the clasp to the tip of the dangling hearts and is finished off with a magnetic clasp. (length can be shortened before shipping if the winner requests).

There are 3 ways to enter this giveaway, which is available to US residents and runs through Feb. 21st.

1) Visit Larie’s Etsy shop and comment with one other item that you love.
2) Visit the National Marfan Foundation’s website and comment with one thing you learned about Marfan.
3) Tweet about this giveaway (just once) and leave me a link to your tweet.

You MUST leave a separate comment for each entry. The giveaway ends at 11 pm PST on Sun. Feb. 21st. A winner will be selected using a random number generator. Make sure you leave a valid email address so I can contact you. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, at which point I will choose a new winner.

Also, Larie is donating a portion of the proceeds (up to 100% for some pieces!) for each heart piece sold during the month of Feb. to the NMF.



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Little Ones Giveaway Winner

And the winner is…….

Thanks to everyone who entered!


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Giveaway: Little Ones, LLC

I am very excited to announce a giveaway from Little Ones, LLC! My friend Abbey started Little Ones, and it’s been fun to watch her business quickly expand. Every item is handmade and custom orders are welcome. For instance, I received a nursing cover when Menininho was born with extra length added to it, because I am so tall.

I think my favorite product is the hair bow, which now comes in 4 different bands and various styles. I told Mark that next time around we need to have a girl so I can buy the “hair bow of the month” package for her. For now, I just buy bows for all of my friends’ daughters. Menininho also loves to use the burp cloths as chew toys.

One lucky reader will win a $20 gift card to Little Ones! And, as a bonus, EVERY reader automatically gets 15% off their next order with the coupon code MARFMOM! The contest and coupon run through this Friday, Dec. 4th, 11 pm PST. I will announce the winner on Saturday the 5th.

You get an entry for doing each of the following, but you MUST leave a separate comment for each entry:
1) Visit Little Ones, then leave a comment here telling me your favorite item.
2) Follow Little Ones on Twitter (@littleonesllc).
3) Follow me on Twitter (@MarfGirl).
4) Tweet or blog about this giveaway (leave a direct link).

Please also make sure I have an easy way to contact you should you win. If I can’t easily find your email address via here, Twitter, or your blog, I’ll choose another winner.

Good luck!

* I was not compensated for this review beyond the item to be given away.


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Not too long ago, a good friend of mine and I were the recipients of a generous Internet giveaway from people that we did not even know. I figured the only way to pay this kindness back would be to pay it forward. I’ve seen various forms of the giveaway below, and figured it would be a good one to use.

Here’s the deal. The first 5 people to leave a comment here will get a homemade gift from me. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know you. If you’re just randomly blog stalking (c’mon, we all do it) and you come across this post and want to be one of the first 5 to leave a comment, go for it! The only catch is that you have to pay the gift forward by reposting this on your blog/Facebook/Myspace. I will check to make sure you’ve done so.

I don’t know what the gift will be, but it will be homemade. I’ll get it to you sometime this year (but probably sooner than later so I don’t have it looming over my head). I don’t promise you’ll love it, but I’m not going to make you something I think you’ll hate, either, because that would be like an un-gift and defeat the entire purpose.


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Mother of All Mothers’ Day Giveaways

I don’t know how many of you have become acquainted with the blog The Meanest Mom on the Block, but not only is her blog really funny, she also hosts the BEST giveaways. From now until April 24th at 11:59 PM EST, you can enter to win one of 11 fabulous prizes, all designed to make you feel like a Hot Mamma this Mothers’ Day.

My reason for wanting to win (AKA, my pitiful plea to the computer program that will randomly select 11 winners to select moi)?

I’ve been trying really hard to lose the baby weight. Any of you who have kids know that this isn’t the easiest thing (or most of you, anyway). I thought I was doing pretty well. Of course, then my doctor had me change up my meds to see if I’m still swelling and I gained back 1/3 of what I’d lost in the past 6 weeks. 😦 But still, I was thinking I looked pretty good and, at least until the med change, was almost back into my pre-pregnancy pants.

Then yesterday after church, waiting waiting for a meeting with the president of the women’s organization, her 1st counselor, and Mark, when Hat Lady walks over. “Can I ask you a personal question?” she asks.

“Uh, sure” I reply (b/c really, how do you say “no” without knowing the question?)

“Well, I noticed you’re a bigger girl and I have this dress I don’t wear anymore and I thought you’d like it.”

At first, I thought she meant “bigger” as in my chest size, b/c I’m breastfeeding and all that. But then she continued and it was painfully obvious that is NOT what she meant.

“I used to be big like you, but then I lost all this weight and I was going to give it to GoodWill but since you look like you’re my old size I thought you’d like it. It’s black, and it’s the dress I bought when I was a new widow and wanted to go to Single Adult activities.”

Ouch. 😦 So, as you can see oh-great-random-number-generator, I need to win. Especially that Shabby Apple Dress. KThanx.

Good luck, everyone!


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