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Perfect Day

Recipe for a Perfect Day:

1) Wake up early to sunshine, early enough that you have time to lie in bed for a moment and contemplate life

2) Take a warm shower and eat a good breakfast

3) Enjoy the warm autumn weather while admiring the golden leaves everywhere

4) Get a FREE TANK OF GAS by redeeming your fuel perks

5) Dance in your car like nobody’s watching

6) Grab that grande Starbucks hot chocolate you’ve been craving and a glazed donut (calories don’t count on a Perfect Day)

7) Help educate people about their voter rights and then encourage them to GO VOTE

8) Enjoy the yummy smells of High Street as you get some exercise

9) Have a colleague of your former boss offer to help get you a job at STANFORD

10) Pass your Environmental Health Sciences test with at least a B (here’s hoping!)

11) Spend the evening with your friends keeping track of the electoral college totals

12) Sleeeeeeep (preferably with a cat at your feet, because who doesn’t like cats cuddling with them?)

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I decided to throw a little election night party on Tuesday with some friends from school but I’m drawing a blank as for things to do in between each state getting called. Anyone have election party game ideas? Or election themed food?

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