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2009 in Review

It’s been a busy year in our household! Here are a few of the highlights:

January: I had just graduated from graduate school and was enjoying doing nothing but being pregnant. About halfway through the month I learned my delivery plans were going to change pretty drastically. My grandfather passed away after a long battle with cancer; his funeral happened while I prepped for my c-section.

February: At the beginning of the month we welcomed Menininho. It was a complicated post-delivery, one that I hope to never repeat. We moved to California and I made my first silly new mom mistake.

March: I learned of the losses of two Marfan friends. Menininho was blessed and formally given a name. Our family came to visit. Mark was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

April: A pretty boring month, but I did blog about some of my baby “must haves”.

May: We started using cloth diapers and won’t go back! Mark officially graduated with his MS. I also had the stress test that started a chain of events.

June: Mark and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. I also started a series of posts about my life with Marfan.

July: My Life With Marfan posts continued and I prepared for the annual National Marfan Foundation conference.

August: Menininho and I flew solo to visit my mom and sister. I finished up the series and went to my 4th conference, where besides working with the teens I was also one of the closing speakers.

September: My cardiologist discovered a problem with my heart and I decided to wean Menininho early in order to start a new medication. A few weeks later Mark was diagnosed with Celiac disease.

October: We had a mishap at the pumpkin patch, and then better success. I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress.

November: I relived some childhood memories with MamaKat’s Writers’ Workshop and we got to spend Thanksgiving in Ohio, seeing all of my and Mark’s extended families.

December: The inner breastfeeding advocate in me wrote a post about a woman’s right to breastfeed and the inner patient advocate in me wrote a post about being an empowered patient. We bought a tree, spent too much time in the ER and had a failed Christmas tradition.

I want to thank all of you who read my blog, who give me feedback. I am humbled that you take time from your day to read what I have to write. I look forward to getting to know more of you and your writings in 2010!

~ Maya



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Memorial Day

We got invited to a Memorial Day BBQ. I was really thankful for the invite, as we don’t know many people yet. It was a potluck, so I brought some lemon cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  But, with the strawberry shortcakes someone else brought, my dessert wasn’t too popular!

After eating, I sat in the living room and made generic chat with the other women about gardening and babies. That was OK, until the president of the women’s service organization came up to Menininho and started playing with his feet and loudly cooing “Oh, poor Menininho! Your parents tried to give you diabetes and that Marfan disease! But you didn’t get those! No! You didn’t get those!

My first reaction, a knee jerk one, was to say “It’s a disorder, not a disease. There’s a difference; get it right.” My second reaction was “Oh my gosh did you REALLY just say that? Because on what planet is that appropriate? My guess is Planet Offensive.” But, I bit my tongue and said neither of those things.

I totally respect that some people might not understand or agree with why Mark and I were willing to risk passing on Marfan to our child.  I would never try to push another Marf into having a baby just because it was the right decision for our family.  All we ask for is the same respect.  It boils my blood that someone would insinuate that I TRIED to or wanted my baby to be ill.


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Lots to update on, so this post is a little bit of everything, hence Smörgåsbord.

First, we had a big life-changing event in our family a few weeks ago (actually it’ll be a month this coming Monday…wow time goes fast!). Mark got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He hadn’t been feeling quite right for awhile (lost almost 1/3 of his body weight, not able to sleep at night b/c of leg cramps) but he wanted to wait to go to a doctor till I was living in CA with him. When Mom came down for Menininho’s blessing she figured out that Mark had diabetes (my little sister also has it, so Mom’s been through this before). Sure enough, Mark was diagnosed a week later. Long story short, the doctor who diagnosed him was terrible and caused us a good deal of stress, but we were able to Mark in to see an endocrinologist at Stanford by the end of the week. She’s great and very impressed with Mark. He’s memorized just about everything there is to know on the subject (including bringing in some Swedish research articles to discuss with her at his 2nd appointment) and has been extremely adept at controlling his sugars. It’s not an easy diagnosis to get and I’m really proud of Mark for the positive attitude he’s had about this and how proactive he’s being in taking care of himself. [Right now he’s sitting here telling me that he wants to know the derivative of his blood glucose waveform in order to stop oscillation so he can correct based on the rate of change instead of the poor data based on the low sampling frequency he has right now….say whaaaaaat?]

We did have a good laugh over a couple of things associated with the diagnosis. For starters, during grad school I had to evaluate a healthcare program for my Program Evaluation class. I chose the Bag of Hope program that the JDRF does. I never thought that we would end up the recipients of the program! Mark (read: Menininho) is now the proud owner of a teddy bear with patches to show him where to give shots, hahaha.

Also, not too long ago my friend Jeanette posted on her blog about how, after seeing a commercial for the One Touch blood tester, one of her young daughters was so enamored with the product that she professed a desire to have diabetes one day so that she could use it. Well, Jeanette: between the two of them, my sister and Mark have used every blood tester product out there now. Lindsey should rest assured that should she ever get diabetes, One Touch is indeed the best product out there. 🙂 Mark is VERY excited to get his new One Touch pump in a few weeks because of all the doodads on it.

Today was a rather bipolar cooking day (i.e. – the best of times, the worst of times). I decided to make scalloped potatoes for dinner in order to use up the rest of our Easter ham (we bought a fair sized ham for Easter thinking we were having 2 families over for dinner that evening, and then one of them canceled last minute so she could potty train her son). I worked really hard to get dinner in the oven before Mark came home. However, I misjudged how long it takes potatoes to cook (at least 2 hrs), so we didn’t sit down to eat till 8:40 or so. But, even after over 2 hours of cooking, the potatoes were still hard! Mark and I really tried to eat them, but they just weren’t edible. I put the leftovers in the fridge and I’ll try to cook them longer tomorrow to see if the dish is salvageable.

I had also decided this afternoon that I *needed* to make strawberry shortcake. Luckily, I just happened to have all the ingredients handy. I must say, they turned out great! I’ve included a picture below, though I’m not sure it does the dessert justice. I used Splenda instead of sugar (couldn’t taste a difference) and sugar free whipped topping instead of heavy whipping cream. This success made up for the scalloped potatoes failure for sure!

I know I have more to post but I am so tired I honestly can’t remember what else has gone down recently. Oh well. 🙂


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