The Valentine Man

Since having Menininho, Valentine’s Day has become much less of a big deal in our house. Pre-baby, we’d get dressed up and go out for an Italian meal (and for Brasilian food on our anniversary, to celebrate our heritages). This year, we decided last minute on Saturday to try Applebee’s, where I had a very disappointing pasta dish and Mark ended up with some cheese dip appetizer because that was the only thing he could be confident was gluten-free.

Aaaanyway, the point of this post is not to talk about the flies that accompanied our meal (talk about nasty!), but to tell you about a family tradition: the Valentine Man. As far back as I can remember, each Valentine’s Day I received a small gift from the mysterious Valentine Man. When I was little it was a My Little Pony. As I got older, it might be a CD or a box of my favorite donuts. The gifts were never costly, and I appreciated that it was my dad’s way of letting us know he loved us, when his illness often kept him from being able to express that.

The Valentine Man is a tradition that Mark and I want to pass on to our kids. We went through Target tonight, looking for after-Valentine’s deals because, let’s be honest, it’s not like the baby knows/cares, but next year we’ll be more organized about it and do a card and everything. For now, though, Menininho is enjoying the toys he can take to the playground sandbox when the weather warms up in a few weeks.

Do you have any Valentine’s traditions?

And, have you entered the Have a Heart giveaway?



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5 responses to “The Valentine Man

  1. I love that idea! What a sweet tradition!

  2. My mom always gets me a Valentines Day gift still to this day, chocolate and a pin or scarf – just something small. For Andrew and I we always exchange gifts and then I make him some kind of baked good from scratch, either cupcakes, cookies or cake! He always seems to enjoy that. This year our day was more lowkey since he had to be at work early on Monday.

  3. Katie

    When the kids were little I used to give them each a little stuffed animal and a small heart shaped box of candy ( the kind you can get at wal-mart for a dollar cause I had 4 kids and not a lot of money). They would find them on the dining room table on Valentine’s Day morning. Sadly this year I didn’t do it in the first time since I can remember cause they are all grown up now. Sad 😦

  4. It sounds like a great tradition! Stopping from SITS!

  5. gb

    Haha I remember when I was in elementary school and I would ask my friends what they got from the Valentines man-because I didn’t realize it was dad-I thought it was like the tooth fairy or Santa clause or something. I was pretty disappointed.

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