Lessons Lived, Lessons Learned

Today I’m again writing with MamaKat’s Writers’ Workshop. I picked prompt #5: List 10 things you never knew until you were a mom.

1) Blueberry stains come out. Beet stains…not so much.
2) Don’t ever take for granted the power of a hot, quiet shower. Those are rare gifts.
3) Twitter is absolutely amazing. I might have mocked it before Menininho, but the women I’ve “met” over there since his birth have been lifesavers!
4) I actually enjoy being a SAHM. I thought I’d go crazy after 6 months of being at home, but my kid is pretty fun to hang out with (most of the time!).
5) That said, I’ve learned it’s vital to me that I’m not just “Mommy.” I’m happiest when I have some time to write and put my Masters of Public Health to use & in doing that, remind myself that I’m also “Maya.”
6) You know when you’re asking yourself “Hmm…wonder if he’ll hold out long enough for me to run more errand before melting down?” If you have to ask, you know the answer is “no.”
7) If you ignore the above voice in your head, you WILL become That Mom with That Kid and Those People will hate you.
8 ) Sandra Boynton is God’s gift to parents. Reciting Moo Baa La La La will keep a child from crying during shots and buy you enough peace to get a haircut.
9) Dignity is overrated. A happy baby is much more important than what some stranger might think (say, the hairdresser cutting your hair while you repeat the words to Moo Baa La La La over and over).
10) There’s nothing sweeter than watching my husband wrestle with my son.

Moms (or dads), what things have you learned since becoming a parent?


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25 responses to “Lessons Lived, Lessons Learned

  1. Number 2 and 10 are my favourites on your list! Visiting from mama kats!!

  2. Love your list! #5 especially.

  3. I like no. 6 and hope lots of moms see it and learn. I think it’s so sad when I see parents dragging and pulling their kids along who are just so plain tuckered out. This happens a lot at the zoo–with young children, it would be best to get a zoo membership and just go often for shorter times, doing one or two sections a day instead of the whole zoo.

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. I used the freaking out prompt this week.

  4. Danielle

    #1 – and they always seem to be wearing a white t-shirt when this happens!
    Love #9!
    **visiting from mama kat’s**

  5. Wouldn’t know a thing about beets or their stains. The thought of those things make me gag! And, I’m convinced I live my life as That Mom with Those Kids. However, I have come to the realization that I don’t give a care if Those People hate me. They were probably gonna anyway given time. Plus, you get in and out of places in record speed b/c Those People become very eager to help when That Kid comes out to play. It’s actually a pretty good get-this-done-quickly strategy. At least that’s what I tell myself now:)! Let me know about the HRB program so I can get all bad on that lady if needed!

  6. Hi Maya!
    I finally got my act together and wrote a little something for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. I chose to write about the same prompt as well.
    With that said, I really liked your post! I’ve got to tell you that number five is by far my favorite. You’re absolutely right, it’s so important to allow ourselves to be the women we are when the mommy hat comes off. It’s something I struggle with from time to time, but I’m working through it.
    Again, I loved your post. Come on by and say hi when you get a chance. Have a great day Maya.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

  7. oooh, lots of good ones on this list!

    i was also worried about losing “tara” and my pedigreed career-self when i became a SAHM.

    also, this house loves, moo, baa, lalala!

  8. I LOVE this list. Especially the dignity and shower. 🙂

  9. Im not a mother yet, but I am a nanny and I have learned that newborn have approximately 2 gallons of poop in their system at all times.

  10. #2 is so true and I was LOL at #6 🙂

  11. thebluemoongirl

    In regard to #1, blackberries are another one that are REALLY tough to get out! That took some serious soaking!

  12. Debbie

    Loved the list!!

    Something I have learned (almost 17 yrs in now) is NEVER SAY NEVER, that will come back to bite you in the hiney!! LoL

    Regarding number 1 try an enzyme cleaner. They sell them at pet stores for removing pet odor/stains. (sorry I had to throw that in but honest it got beet stains out of my Mom’s carpet)

  13. hopped over from Mama Kat’s and just so ya know as they get older the shower thing doesn’t really improve lol. Mine are 17, 13 and 10 and I still can’t pee in peace

  14. at any given time during any given day ANYTHING can happen! (example, gone for 30 seconds? a complete mess of papers, she’s fallen into the ottaman storage head first, she’s playing in the garbage, the toilet paper is completely unrolled, she’s playing in her poop and its smeared EVERYWHERE, anything!)

  15. I chose this prompt too!
    I just wanted to say thanks for entering my giveaway, and I’m so sorry I don’t have good news for you 😦 But thank you so much for coming by Typing One Handed, and I’m happy to have found your great blog!
    (And it sounds like I need to get my hands on Moo Baa La La La!)

  16. I loved that post too! I completely agree with her about the whole Socks thing… Once you are a mother, it seems as though your children eat your socks! Since May of ’09 I have bought at least 3 new packs! LOL

  17. What a FUN post, I’m so glad you visited my blog, because I’m really enjoying yours 🙂 Is there a way to follow? I couldn’t find the follow section. Anyway, I loved #5. So true, I believe it is very important to have your “ME TIME”, so we don’t lose ourselves to being just the mom 🙂 Blogging has been so much fun for me, and is fulfilling that urge to find out more about myself, and work on my personal development. Such a great outlet for moms.
    One thing I’ve learned as a mom is it’s literally LEARN AS YOU GO. There are no handbooks that come with each baby, and boy are they ALL different. My son has been the complete opposite from how my daughter was. Just when I think I’ve learned the important things about caring for a baby, my son comes a long and changes everything I believed, lol, or thought I had learned already 🙂

  18. Love this! I agree much about Twitter. I had Twitter before I became pregnant, but my entire usage changed after. It’s been like a lifeline for me.

  19. oh yes I love #10! That is so true.. it is so precious watching our boys play together 🙂

  20. Just loved this post… coming from SITS. Random, but are you going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore?

  21. sue

    Love your post… especially #6.

    Personally, I forgot to have kids and number 6 in your list is probably a main reason for my lapse in memory!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  22. Just stopping by to wish you a happy SITS sharefest day! Hope your Saturday night is fantastic!

  23. My daughters love to eat blueberries and at first, I just cringe because I didn’t want them to stay their clothes but like you, I learned that blueberry stains do come out..

    As for what I have learned after becoming a parent…that would be selflessness and patience. Everything I do, I do for my kids. Kids have absolute no concept of time so I learn to breathe slowly and count to ten instead of getting mad if, say for instance, I asked my daughter to quickly change her clothes for school because she only has 5 minutes left, and she’s just taking the time of her life picking out her outfit.

  24. I love your list! Totally agree with you on numbers 2 and 9!

    Hope you are having a nice weekend!!

  25. #7 is the rule that I have to keep repeating to myself. Over. and. over. again.

    stopping by from sits.

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