Today I’m writing on prompt #2 for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop: If you could have given yourself a snapshot 5 years ago of what your life is like now, what would the picture be of and how do you think you would have felt about it?

I thought about this for a while and finally chose this picture, which I took a couple of nights ago. Menininho is going to town on some beef and beans, totally grossing out my mom and Mark, and cracking me up.

Five years ago I wasn’t sure I’d ever have a biological baby. I desperately wanted to experience pregnancy (you know, some day after I was married and all that; not as a sophomore at college) and it was just too early to tell if that would be able to happen for me. I worried about it a lot, increasingly so as the years went by…right up until I was able to hold Menininho for the first time, when he was REAL.

So, it would have alleviated a lot of anxiety to be able to see this snapshot and know that things would turn out ok, that I’d have a spunky, independent little boy with a stubborn streak as long as I am tall.

Menininho’s learning so much now it blows my mind. His new thing is “reading” books. He’ll sit in the book corner we’ve constructed for him (Mark installed a small bookshelf next to the kitchen table, full of board books) and just open and close books forever. Today he came when my mother called him, and tonight he tried to crawl out the door after Mark and I when we left to see a movie. Then he cried when he realized he wasn’t coming with us. He also knows what will get him into trouble. For instance, he’ll sneak over to grab the TV remote and then try to crawl away fast as soon as he’s caught. I can’t believe how quickly my little baby is growing up, and I can’t wait to see what happens five years from now!


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22 responses to “Snapshot

  1. Life sure is an adventure and full of surprises! I’m sure that five years will go very fast–enjoy it all! Take lots of pictures.

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.

  2. typeamommy

    This post made me smile, and remember my almost-two-year-old at that phase in development. It’s wild how fast the time flies. It’s awesome that you’re writing it all down so you don’t forget those moments.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop!

  3. That picture is adorable!! My mom has one of me a little older than that making the same mess with spaghetti all over me. I’m sure that 5 years from now your little one will have an adorable brother or sister 🙂 your son is just soooo cute!

  4. Yeah, five years ago I guess I already had an idea that I would be living a life as a boys only mom. I was about to give birth to my second and had already given up hope that the third would be a girl either. I guess I knew things would turn out this way. I’m happy, but still a little peeved that all of my awesome girl pointers are gonna go to waste!

  5. Kids keep us jumping, for sure. I’m sure as your son grows, he’ll increase his methods for trying to get away with stuff…and he’ll love that remote for a long time!

  6. I have those same worries, the truth is we never really know if we can have kids or not. I hope I magically get sent a snapshot like this from 5 years in the future. Although maybe life would n’t be so interesting if we knew what was going to happen.

    I’m glad things turned out well for you, I hope the next five years are amazing.

  7. What a great snapshot! Five years from now, you won’t believe how much he’s grown and what a great mom you continue to be. 🙂

  8. They grow up fast and ever moment is a snapshot. Each picture will tell the story of who he was to become. Perhaps knowing the future might take away some of the pain but I think it would take away all of the joy.

  9. Awww, he’s adorable!
    I never thought I’d be a mom either, they told me it would never happen!
    I’m so glad it did, and I just love watching my boys grow up!!

  10. Your baby is so beautiful! I love your post. Don’t even worry about that silly post I wrote. I make all the mistakes that I wrote about. Sometimes I feel like a total blog loser! I am glad to meet you!

  11. Yes I did see Dr. Liang but not at the time of my pregnancy. There was another great Dr. there at the time. Did you know Cheryl? She was a great person to know since she had Marfans and had been through some horific experiences. Eventually she had to leave due to complications of the Marfans. I was in a video that was produced at Stanford at Cheryl’s urging years ago. That clinic is a great place to go for anyone who has Marfans. Dr. Liang kept in touch with my mom up until the end and he always returned her calls even though he wasn’t getting a dime from us in So. Cal. He is a great Dr.

    Keep up the great work!

  12. hes a cutie! i almost chose this prompt too, I know i would have been shocked 5 years ago to know that i was going to have a beautiful baby girl!! 🙂

  13. Beautiful. To think that you snapshot is so amazing, so beautiful, and so gorgeous, … you could not have imagined it five years ago.

    You are truly blessed.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  14. I love to watch my little guy “read”. Stopping by from SITS!

  15. life is full of adventure. Your little one is too cute. happy sits saturday.

  16. Happy SITS Sharefest. What a sweet boy and a little miracle. The next five years will be filled with so much joy, excitement, and discovery… Enjoy…it goes too quickly!

  17. What a cutie!
    Dropped by from SITS.

  18. How fun! I also participated in MamaKat’s workshop, but I found your link through SITS today. I love the picture of your little sweetie eating the beef and beans. Yum! 😉

  19. This is such a sweet writing of a your snapshot. I enjoyed reading your story and your baby is most adorable!

    Visiting from SITs 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend.

  20. i always wondered about those people who had a firm 5 year plan for their lives…i never did because I am a vagabond…financial plans yes…but the rest i never did.
    isn’t there some kind of saying…life is what happens while you are making plans (or something like that!)
    your baby is adorable

  21. Love the photo! I think experiences like this one are left for the mother to enjoy. Nobody understands moments like these except a mother. Gorgeous baby. How exactly do pronounce the name? I’d love to know!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. And to answer your question, I don’t love my son’s pediatrician but I’ve only been to him one time. I go back tomorrow for further investigation… TBD!

  22. Gosh, I wish we COULD see a snapshot five years down the road. I have so many questions about my future right now; will DH & I have another child? Will I stay at my current job? Will I branch out into an entirely different career? Will DH move into federal work? A snapshot into the future could REALLY solve a lot of headaches for me!!!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

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