First Bite

* Not quite a Wordless Wednesday today. Menininho got bitten for the first time tonight. We were at a party and another little boy gave him a hug, then chomped his face. Some kisses and hydrogen peroxide later, Menininho was just fine and we’ve all had a laugh about it. 🙂


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8 responses to “First Bite

  1. Poor guy. I used to work in child care with one year olds. Biting was their favorite activity!

  2. Awwww at least he was okay later and didn’t remember anything. I thought at first from the photo that maybe your kitty got a hold of him….

  3. It’s only worse when your kiddo does the biting! I’ve been on both sides and better to be mom to the bitten rather than the biter! 🙂

  4. I hope he bit the other kid back. NOM NOM NOM

  5. Hi and Happy New Year. I am coming to you by way of SITS. So very sorry for little one. I use to work at a daycare center. Yes, there was biting. They do grow out of that habit and through positive re enforcement will that change. Yes, it will pass.

  6. Awww, how sweet! It looks like a little “kiss” mark 🙂


  7. Kristi

    Eek! I’m traumatized just looking at the photos. I hate being on either side of the bite scenario. It’s hard being the mom of the biter. You feel so bad for the other child, etc. The few times that my children have been bitten, I’ve been pretty upset. I understand that it happens, but it’s so upsetting to see your little one in pain. 😦 I’m glad he’s okay and that the bite wasn’t too serious. (My nephew got bit near his mouth months ago. The other child broke the skin and he now has a crescent shaped scar.)

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