A Call for Books

My younger brother, Matt, runs the blog Relentless Pursuit of Acronyms, about his time as a 4th grade teacher in New Orleans with the Teach for America program. TFA places teachers in low-income areas of the US to bridge the Achievement Gap. I worked for them as a recruiter in college and convinced Matt to get involved with them as well.

In any case, you can imagine that the schools in New Orleans need some help. Matt’s school doesn’t even have a building post-Katrina; they meet in a series of trailers. There are a lot of things his students could probably use, but right now they are desperate for books. It’s difficult to teach reading when there is no classroom library, and we all know how vital to long-term success good reading skills are.

This holiday season, Matt is asking for donations of books. He lists a few specific needs, but he’ll take anything. And, if you have books outside of the 3rd-5th grade level that you would be willing to donate, Matt will make sure they get to other classes at his school, or into the hands of other TFA teachers in the area.

Matt will be making appearances in Arkansas, Wisconsin, and Ohio over the next few weeks and, depending on your location of course, might be able to arrange direct pick-ups. Please consider donating a book (or two or ten) to invest in these children’s future. You can contact Matt at his blog, or leave me a comment here and I’ll make sure that you two get in touch.

And please, pass this on to any friends you think could help. Let’s get his class and his school some great books!!!



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6 responses to “A Call for Books

  1. What a wonderful thing he is doing! I will certainly pass along the info. That is just awesome. 🙂

  2. I’m bookmarking the site and will try to send some books next month!
    stopping by from SITS.

  3. Thank you Maya, for giving me a little shout out, and thank you all, for donating and passing my request along. The ReBirth of New Orleans is centered around the rebuilding of their tattered school system, and one way that we can all help is by giving our students the tools they need to be great, lifelong readers.

    Plus, if any of you guys know folks who are interested in perhaps a more lighthearted take on current educational issues, tell them to bookmark my blog!

  4. Beverly Kerr

    Hi Maya and Matt – I’ve passed along the note and the needs to several in Granville and had several replies. I’ll be interested to know how many books or donations he gets from around here. I think we should let the schools know also so that they can make an announcement which goes out to all the families via e-mail now. I’ll forward to Mr. Emery. We also have the book sale in June which would be a good time for Matt to visit or at least to leave info. about how to get the books down to him. Take care and Happy New Year!


  5. lerma

    has he checked out First Book?

    they offer lots of really really cheap or free books to low income classrooms across the country. may be worth a shot.

  6. I have a $5 gift card I want to give him to Amazon. Email me, or have him email me and I’ll forward the info along. Thanks!

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