Female Bonding

Like most families, we have many Thanksgiving traditions: fried turkey, my cranberry salad, the Stinky Boy Room, and Euchre. None, however, top the Female Bonding Ritual: Black Friday shopping.

My first Thanksgiving with Mark’s family, 6 years ago, I was a little intimidated by how intense the women were, but now I look forward to this all year. As soon as the dining room table has been cleared from dinner and everyone has their slices of (the 5 kinds of) pie, the advertisements come out. I think there are about 10 pounds worth, I kid you not. We draw names for the family gift exchange and set to creating our shopping lists. This takes at least a half hour, as we scan the ads for the best deals for each item and make shopping lists specific to each store. Then, we coordinate who is going to which store when, and who is going to be the designated “Kohl’s Jewelry Counter Girl” in order to secure the best jewelry selection. We usually hit Kohl’s first and have one person stand in line while the rest of us bring in our loot.

And did I mention that one of the aunts does a run through of some of the stores on Wednesday, to get a feel for the layout ahead of time? TRUE STORY!

After Kohl’s we always meet for breakfast at McDonalds to give us a chance to regroup before hitting up Target. Following Target we split up for the rest of our shopping, which goes off and on until early evening.

There is a certain appeal to finishing the Christmas shopping in one fell swoop (I was done by 8:30 AM this year!), but I think the real enjoyment comes from the thrill of the hunt and just spending time together sans the boys.


What kinds of Thanksgiving traditions do your families share?



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2 responses to “Female Bonding

  1. Wow! I’ve never even had the guts to shop Canadian Boxing Days let alone an American Black Friday, but with a well drilled operation like yours I might just be brave enough to face the front lines. Well done, ladies!

  2. Sounds like a Black Friday done right! We used to live it up like that, back in the good old days when places gave out a ton of free stuff. We always got to Target first, because they gave out a sweet tote bag filled with goodies. Now I just hit Joann’s bright and early to stock up.

    Nic’s family does the Thursday-night stuff, so that’s been new for me.

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