No, I Have No Idea How He Got That


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12 responses to “No, I Have No Idea How He Got That

  1. this picture is too precious! Your son is adorable =)

  2. My friend’s daughter opened the whole package and carpeted the bathroom wall with pads. Another friend’s child eat some KY Jelly. They do like to get into things…

  3. Kristi

    That’s hilarious. I remember taking a whole backpack full of my mom’s pads to kindergarten. LOL I suppose if that’s the most embarrassing thing he does, it’s not so bad. Happy adventures!

  4. Thats it. Miles comes to live with me now. You are an unfit parent.

  5. I’m guessing he or the cat got it out of the diaper bag…? They’re partners in crime, those two!

  6. Ha! That’s too funny…

  7. Great Pic! Hee-hee! That is too funny!
    Maybe he wanted a snack?

  8. hahaaa!! that picture is too cute! i have the same issue with my daughter right now…every time i turn around she’s shoving something else in her mouth! funny babies!

  9. LOL! oh my heck! Too funny! Ive found my two boys running around my house playing with my bra. But this takes the cake. 🙂

  10. Meaghan

    My adopted son is ADORABLE!!!!
    Sooo I will steal him and take him with me if/when I go to NOLA this Christmas, because then he can be reunited with his Marfamily 🙂

  11. hahahaha! I love it! Stoppin’ by from SITS! =)

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