Tips ‘N’ Tricks: RG Maternity

Starting when I began to wear maternity clothes, I’ve been keeping a list of items and tricks that have been really helpful to me as a mother with a chronic health condition, although some of these are certainly applicable to all moms. From time to time I’ll write reviews on the items (tips) or offer up suggestions of ways I’ve adjusted doing things (tricks) to make being a mom easier on my body.

All of the products are ones I purchased myself, unless otherwise specified.

Having a 37” inseam and trying to find reasonably priced pants is not an easy task, but it’s particularly hard when you’re pregnant. I don’t know why, but most of the stores I usually shop only carry 34” maternity inseams, as if tall women don’t ever get pregnant. Go figure. So, I was very excited when I came across RG Maternity.

Being a family-owned store, the selection is small but changes every few months and the deals can’t be beat. I purchased a pair of dark bootcut jeans with a versatile panel, gray dress pants with a full panel, and a red rouched top. Having a disproportionately small upper torso, I welcomed the long shirt because it gave me the illusion of being more equally proportioned. I also personally prefer the full belly panel. I carried high and the versatile panel kept slipping later in my pregnancy, but the full panel fit smoothly and kept my pants up well.

RG’s customer service is excellent! When I emailed questions I got a response right away, and was emailed when new items became available. Shipping only takes 1-2 days. The only thing that complicates returns is that you must email the company for authorization for a return before mailing back the item, and you have two weeks to do it. I cut it reeeaaalllly close when trying to exchange my dress pants for a different size. I’m a wee bit of a procrastinator.

Overall, great small business and if I ever have another baby I’d use them again!

Below is a picture of me wearing the gray dress pants.



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3 responses to “Tips ‘N’ Tricks: RG Maternity

  1. Thanks for stopping by my place the other day. I am tall and had the hardest time trying to find pants that were stylish and long enough. Lucky you. I used to design maternity clothes and it was painful a chore.


  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂 I think your inseam is nearly a foot longer than mine!

    I’m really short, and I often find it hard to find things that are of the correct proportions. Or, the stuff in the petites area can sometimes be a little too old lady looking for my taste.

  3. Oh man, if I had a penny for every time I heard the you dont look (however far along). I really never did get big, and when people would ask me when Im due, they wouldnt believe me. Seriously, like Im going to lie and say Im due any day, when I truly had months to go. Yeah, not likely. Just tell them to stick itlol

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