A Halloween Past

I’m pretty sure I came straight from the womb as a Tree-Hugging, Bleeding-Heart Liberal.

You doubt me?

Each September, my mother asked my siblings and me what Halloween costume we wanted her to make for us. As a 7 or 8 year old, I requested a princess costume. But not just ANY princess costume, mind you. Princesses are frilly things who wait to be rescued by princes. I’d definitely grown out of insisting that everyone at church refer to me as “Cinderella.”

No, this year would be different. I would trick or treat as the Be Kind to Animals Princess.

[Incidentally, I believe this was the same year I wrote a heated letter to the editor of the local paper bemoaning the over-industrialization of my neighborhood because I felt it was encroaching on the deer’s natural habitat, and because Mom told me I was too young to personally plead the case at the Zoning Commission meeting. But that’s neither here nor there.]

I give my poor mother props for attempting this costume. She created a dress out of our mauve (or was it plum?) colored futon sheets, though it looked a little like a wizard’s garb. The sleeves and bottom were trimmed with silver zigzag piping and she used puffy paint to attempt various animals along the bottom of the skirt.

Just in case that wasn’t enough to get my theme across, I decided that instead of the usual “Trick-or-treat!” I’d say “TrickOrTreatI’mTheBeKindToAnimalsPrincessSoBeKindToAnimals! Thanks!

That lasted all of 3 or 4 houses and as many confused looks before I chickened (excuse the pun) out.

I wish I had some video of this to show Menininho someday when he complains about being “different,” as most children inevitably do, so that I can prove that I used to be different too, but still turned out OK.

I mean, I did turn out ok…right?

* This post in honor of MamaKat’s blogging carnival, in which I am responding to prompt #5.



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10 responses to “A Halloween Past

  1. Dan

    Sounds like it would have been interesting to record the reactions of those first 2 or 4 door answerers as well. Especially a candid video after they closed the door.

    “Did you just see and hear that one?”
    “Yeah, what was that?”
    “I dunno, but it sure was scary.”

  2. That’s hilarious! I loved your improvised “Trick Or Treat” That’s GREAT!

  3. That’s so cute how much you loved animals and wanted to help them! I’m impressed. That was a long trick-or-treat line though, don’t blame you for giving up on that.

    Visiting through the writer’s workshop. Here’s a link to my post: http://zemeks.blogspot.com/2009/10/bewarea-peek-at-my-spooky-side-writers.html

  4. jen

    Hysterical. I was like that too but I didn’t wait until Halloween. I dressed in “themes” year round 😉 I love this post.

  5. Larry Rosenfeld

    Your “difference” — your compassion and conviction to act on it — betters all beings, present and future. What better difference could there be? Props to your mom *and* you. And how blessed your beautiful son is.

  6. What do gooder you were! Most kids just want as much candy as they can get their hands on…not you…you had a message.

  7. I think you turned out great! And I love love love the concept and execution of the costume! Good for you for your conscience and willingness to stand up for what you believe in from a very young age. Did you end up founding PETA? : )

  8. Wow. I’m going to have to agree with Dan — not sure what I’d think of a kid with a Trick-or-Treat pitch! 🙂

  9. That would have been a great costume! It’s always good to get a message out there, we should do more of it!

  10. What a wonderful imagination you had! I love it and I love that your mom did her best to make you an obscure princess comment.

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