Small Blessings

I dreaded Menininho’s 9-month checkup yesterday. I was sure I’d get bad news.

You see, I love baby wearing. I carried Menininho in a sling for months, and then transitioned to using our Ergo. Lately it’s been more and more difficult for me to carry him though. Marfan patients have restrictions for how much weight we can carry, because lifting weights raises our blood pressure, which in turn puts pressure on our aortas. My restriction has always been around 10 pounds, but when I was pregnant, my doctor told me I could stretch it to 20 in order to carry Menininho, and then I’d have to go back to my previous restriction.

So, I’ve known my days of baby wearing are numbered. Many of my friends’ babies surpassed 20 pounds months ago. It made sense to me that a 9 month old would reasonably weigh more than 20 pounds. I even started to write a post mourning my baby-wearing days.

You can imagine my surprise when the nurse informed me that Menininho is still shy of 19 pounds! I bet we’ll make it to Christmas before I have to give up carrying him.

I’m really grateful for small blessings like this. Isn’t it amazing how we’re always given the right child for us?



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