Brad Paisley Concert

Last night, I had the opportunity to see Brad Paisley in concert and let me tell you, he was amazing! As evidence of his love for me and the fact that he’s a patient man, my husband agreed to accompany me. Saying “Mark isn’t a country fan” is kind of like saying “Hugh Jackman isn’t a bad-looking guy”; a gross understatement.

We were able to get to the amphitheatre with enough time to find a decent piece of lawn before the first opening act. Jimmy Wayne (who I’d never heard of) was about as country as Case Western, which I guess is why Mark liked him. I felt bad for the guy…he knew no one was there to see him. Dierks Bentley was the second opener and he was excellent. My only gripe was the length of time it took to clear and re-set the stage between sets.

Now rest assured, we weren’t bored. Because we couldn’t see the stage too well from the lawn, a large screen was erected. During the set changes, a cell phone company sponsoring the concert offered audience members the opportunity to text them and have their texts appear on the screen for everyone to see.

Some of these were pretty typical:
“Crystal your the best friend ever! Thanks for the ticket!”
“Happy birthday Allie!!!”
“Brad, your awesome!”
“Will you marry me?”

Some were perhaps better left untyped:
“I’m drinkin tonight because I found out I’m not pregnant.”
“Matt, you have a sexy girlfriend!”
“N*Sync needs to get back together.”
“Brian I wanna baby lets make one!!!”

“Hey, give me your phone!” Mark commanded at one point. “I am going to send a text!”

A few minutes later he proudly pointed and read (shouted) aloud as his message ran across the screen:

“Stop misspelling “you’re”!”




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9 responses to “Brad Paisley Concert

  1. Mark Zimmerman

    Dierks Bentley was only slightly less redneck than your fifth quoted text message, and his best song was blatantly ripped from Nickelback. (Nickelback… aiming really high there, Dierks.)

    But I do want to get a Jimmy Wayne CD, now. I already iTunes-ed "Do You Believe Me Now?", one of his better songs, though his "Cowboys and Ninjas" was just hilarious.

    Captcha: serisly
    Really. … Serisly.

  2. Caitlyn

    Your (or should I say "you're") husband is awesome.

  3. Stephanie

    I would love to see Brad Paisley in concert…and seeing him and Dierks Bentley together would be amazing. I love Dierks' music. Which song did he sing of Nickelback's? Did he sing "Sideways"? I love that song!!
    I'm surprised that Mark isn't more of a country fan since you guys lived in OH. I love the text he sent though, "your" so awesome Mark. haha!!!!

  4. Mark Zimmerman

    I'm surprised that Mark isn't more of a country fan since you guys lived in OH

    You see, I lived north of the portion of the Mason Dixon line which runs through Mansfield, Ohio, which apparently puts me in an entirely different region of the United States. There, people don't listen to country, speak with a "Cleveland accent", and use tractors to plant trees at shopping malls.

  5. Maya

    Stephanie, Dierks didn't actually sing a Nickelback song, Mark just thought they sounded similar. I don't think they did at all though, lol.

  6. Stephanie


  7. Scott


    That may very well be one of the coolest and funniest things I've ever heard. Amazing props to u.


  8. laura and dan

    Dierks and his band are my favorite! They have my favorite song….

    I love everything about them except if you buy dierks entire cd there is usually a bluegrass and a gospel song on the cd…..i don't like either one! i just download individual songs from itunes that i like.

  9. That is hilarious! It sounds like something I would do- I can’t stand those sort of errors.

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