Scott and Kevin Visit Part 1

We were so excited to have Mark’s brothers Scott and Kevin visit last week! I couldn’t ask for two better brothers-in-law…they even get along well with my brother! Menininho is really lucky to have such 3 fun uncles.

Those of you who know Mark know that he can be an even more meticulous planer than me. He created an itinerary for his brothers’ trip weeks in advance! Thursday afternoon we took the boys on Mark’s driving tour of Silicon Valley, which ends at In N Out burger. Menininho spent a lot of time giving his uncles looks like this:

and this:

Now, for all our meticulous planning, we really missed the boat on Saturday. Somehow, I forgot that Sunday was the AIDS walk in San Francisco. Given that this AIDS walk is the biggest (I think) in the country, of course traffic and parking were a bear on Saturday. We were able to take the boys to the Presidio but had to skip the rest of our plans in the city. We ended up at Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland for a very late lunch. Don’t bother eating a meal there because the food is just OK, the portions are small, and the prices are high, but DO stop for ice cream. Their ice cream is SO good!!!

You know you want one.


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  1. Megan Lewis

    I love Fentons. Scott and I split the Black and Tan. And yes, I have a picture of it hanging and get really sad it (and you) is so far away!

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