Church BBQ

Our congregation had a family BBQ yesterday at our church’s softball field (Yes, our church has a softball field. Apparently a former church leader wanted to turn some extra church land into a softball field and the church finally agreed, if he’d pay the $90,000 to clean up the land and construct the field, and he did. Now, no one plays on it.). It was about 100 degrees out, maybe a little cooler. We slathered Menininho in sunscreen and his new hat so that he’d be OK in the heat. I had made strawberry jello (I caved in to the church lady stereotype!) with pieces of strawberry and marshmallows in it. It’s really quite good….when it gels. However, despite 6 1/2 hours in the fridge yesterday I had a soupy mess on my hands and we all had to drink the jello out of dixie cups. Darn 😦

After about a half hour in the sun (well, technically under the massive tent thing that the Rickers brought), it was decided we should pack it inside and play volleyball instead. Since the Rickers stole Menininho for the duration of the event, I got to take lots of pictures!


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2 responses to “Church BBQ

  1. Megan Lewis

    Those are some darling pictures!

  2. Anonymous

    ok these are so adorable! but miles really is going to hate you for this when he's older:)

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