Monterey Bay

It was So Nice to get out of town on Saturday! I was a little depressed about having to miss my brother’s graduation and party/Mom and my sister’s visit to Ohio and that Sarah was moving away (she and her husband moved cross-country yesterday) and the trip took my mind off that. It was Menininho’s first trip to the beach, and as you can see from the pictures, he wasn’t a huge fan. That’s OK: we’ll turn him into a Beach Baby soon enough!


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4 responses to “Monterey Bay

  1. Katie

    Wait a minute. You live in Milpitas?? I have a friend that's living there with his family for the summer. Do you know the Lovells??

  2. Katie

    Yeah, I think the dad is the high priest group leader. The son, who's just visiting, is a little shorter than you and has brown hair and a BIG smile.

  3. Ethan

    Travis is his first name. Yeah, he's just there for the summer and then he'll come back to BYU. -Katie

  4. Megan Lewis

    That sounds so fun! I am glad to see you enjoying your summer.

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