No sooner did I turn my back after laying Menininho in the bassinet for the night did Mark point this out to me. I thought I’d swaddled him tightly, too! Good thing we had the camera nearby!



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4 responses to “Houdini

  1. Elyse

    ahlyssa looks the same way right now and its 4.30am. she is actually talking to herself right now. when she gets out of her swaddle she wakes herself up!! its so frustrating!!!!!

  2. Stephanie

    He's so cute. My kids never stayed swaddled, so I never did it. They slept all sprawled out.

  3. Anonymous

    hahaha.. I had a houdini baby too!
    WE found a great sleep sack for using instead of swaddle and my baby loved it (he was addicted to his miracle blanket before this so I was kindof worried it wouldn't work… but it did!) 🙂

  4. Sarajane

    he is darling.

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