Memorial Day

We got invited to a Memorial Day BBQ. I was really thankful for the invite, as we don’t know many people yet. It was a potluck, so I brought some lemon cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  But, with the strawberry shortcakes someone else brought, my dessert wasn’t too popular!

After eating, I sat in the living room and made generic chat with the other women about gardening and babies. That was OK, until the president of the women’s service organization came up to Menininho and started playing with his feet and loudly cooing “Oh, poor Menininho! Your parents tried to give you diabetes and that Marfan disease! But you didn’t get those! No! You didn’t get those!

My first reaction, a knee jerk one, was to say “It’s a disorder, not a disease. There’s a difference; get it right.” My second reaction was “Oh my gosh did you REALLY just say that? Because on what planet is that appropriate? My guess is Planet Offensive.” But, I bit my tongue and said neither of those things.

I totally respect that some people might not understand or agree with why Mark and I were willing to risk passing on Marfan to our child.  I would never try to push another Marf into having a baby just because it was the right decision for our family.  All we ask for is the same respect.  It boils my blood that someone would insinuate that I TRIED to or wanted my baby to be ill.


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7 responses to “Memorial Day

  1. Bowen Family

    Geez Maya – sorry about the rude people! You're such a good sport though and I'm sure they didn't mean to be rude.

    I'm so sorry we missed you when you were in town. That Saturday was an absolutely crazy day and I wished that it had worked out to see each other. Thank you for trying!!!

    We sure love and miss you guys!

  2. Caitlyn

    I cannot believe the things people think that they can say to you! What the heck, why is this woman relief society president?! On the other hand, ha ha, planet offensive. I could never take things in such good grace. You are wonderful.

  3. Sara Emily

    Wow, Maya! You are a saint! Man -if I were there I would have told the woman off!! I cannot stand ignorance. And sometimes I just cannot hold my tounge! Anyway, I am so sorry about that experience – you and Mark are amazing parents and Miles is VERY blessed to have you!

    I’m sure you can keep your weightloss goal! Your new veggies will help, right? 🙂 And 1.2 lbs a week is a very healthy goal. I’ve been documenting recently using – it’s free and tells you how many cals you use a day and how many you should eat to lose 1-2 lbs a week. I like it!

    best of luck to you! 🙂

  4. Abbey

    Good gravy! You are a magnet to the rude ones!

    On a more positive note, good luck with the weight loss! It is for sure a motivation to know that you’ve got the blogging community behind you. Good luck! 🙂

  5. Stephanie

    Rude people are so annoying. Some people just don’t get it. You handled it pretty well, I am the type to say something and straighten someone out right away and if they don’t like it, oh well, right?
    Cute pics of Miles on your walk, and don’t you just love the bumbo seats? They are so fun for the little ones to sit up in. Good luck on your weight loss!!

  6. Mariel

    I’ll take your lemon cupcakes!

    Just stumbled on your blog, very cute!


  7. Stephanie G.

    I don't understand how people can be so stupid, thats were you should have said something like "I guess IQ was a concern when you decided to sart a family"

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