Not Playtime!

My dear son,

Please first know that I am happy to feed you whenever you are hungry.  I really am.  And I hesitate to bring this up because I know Daddy and I are pretty lucky to be getting as much sleep as we are.  But lately, Little One, you’ve started doing something that’s just not cool.  You’re getting up for your early-morning feeding (5-6 am) and, while you used to be hungry, now you eat for 2-4 minutes (yes, I time you) and then stop.  You give me a big grin and proceed to entertain yourself by smiling, slapping my breast repeatedly, and turning your head whenever I try to continue feeding you.  This isn’t cute, just really messy.  While I’m flattered that you think Daddy and me are just so much fun that you want to play with us all the time, we actually really love our sleep and believe we’re more fun when we have it.  If you could save playtime for a few more hours, that’d be great.
To my fellow Mommies in the blogosphere: Any advice?  Is this just a stage babies go through or is there a way to get him to either go back to eating or sleep?


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3 responses to “Not Playtime!

  1. Caitlyn

    I don’t have any advice, but I can let you know that in a week or two he may not be doing this anymore. Chaela never got on a “schedule.” She still goes to bed anywhere from 8:30-10:30 pm and wakes up anywhere from 8-10 in the morning. Her naps can start anywhere from 11am to 4pm and she’ll sleep anywhere from 1-3 and 1/2 hours. Yup.Did you ever figure out that widget? Mine is delayed sometimes, but it always updates itself eventually. I’ve never had any problems like that, so I’m not sure what to do.

  2. Abbey

    Good luck with that. We’re at 8 months, and while Ella is all business when it comes to eating, she’s still not sleeping through the night. Which means I haven’t slept through the night in almost a year.Sounds like Miles just thinks you are so much fun!

  3. Sara Emily

    Best I can say is to keep it as dark as possible in whatever room it is you are feeding him in. And don’t react when he tries to play. I know that sounds, mean, but he’s got to understand when it’s appropriate to play and when it’s not. I’ve heard at night to keep diaper changes to the bare minimum, keep it as dark as possible and as little eye contact as possible. I find with Savanna when she’s awake and i want her to sleep I rock her and cuddle her, but I don’t look at her or react when she tries to ‘chat’. Then she’s usually out pretty fast…Best of luck!

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