Today was my first official day as a Stay-at-Home-Mom (Mark’s first day back in the office).  Menininho decided to make commemorate the occasion by making me the victim of his first Epic Spit-up. The benefit of this? The mess was so massive I had to (got to!) shower. It was awesome. And since Mark was already up, he decided to commemorate the occasion by making us pancakes. Mmmm!

How did I decide to commemorate this big day? By acting like the first time mother that I am. Mark hadn’t been at work more than an hour when, during Menininho screaming (he had a screaming kind of day today), I saw big white chunks all over Menininho’s tongue. Knowing a little bit about thrush, I became concerned. It had been awhile since he’d eaten, the chunks definitely looked like cottage cheese, and they covered his tongue. So, I called the pediatrician’s office and the nurse who answered said to bring Menininho in. This meant I had to call Mark out of work to come pick us up, since my car won’t arrive until Monday.

Our pediatrician is so busy she pretty much only does well-baby visits, so we saw another pediatrician in the practice (but I knew that’s how it worked before we picked the practice). Anyway, you know that Huggies commercial where the dad is changing his son in the hotel room and the baby boy sprays the ceiling like a fire house? Well, I always thought that was an exaggeration. Until I had Menininho. Changing his diaper on the scale, he got me, himself, the scale, the table, and possibly the nurse. That’s my boy! 😉

Now of course, by the time the doctor came in to see us, the big chunks on Menininho’z tongue were gone. The doctor kindly informed me that 1) thrush is on the sides of the mouth, not the tongue and 2) thrush doesn’t wipe away. Basically, Menininho didn’t swallow some milk after the feeding and a half hour later it had curdled on his tongue. I am really hoping that I did not become the joke of the day for the break room. I also felt terrible for having called Mark out of work for that. At least he was able to go back for the rest of the day.

Moral of the story? Um, I don’t know. I thought it would be Google image illnesses before calling the doctor, but then I Googled “baby thrush” tonight and it looked a lot like the curdled milk sooooo, yah. Oh well.  Chalk one up for experience.


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4 responses to “Inexperience

  1. Anonymous

    Love the story. Both my boys had thrush when they were newborns. Weird thing is that since it’s a yeast infection, they both got really bad diaper rashes and not that many white sores in their mouths. So, it’s better safe than sorry. Don’t feel dumb. Better that it wasn’t thrush than you get a yeast infection from him on you — that is miserable!! 🙂 He is sooo dang cute. I wish I could have seen him in person before you left. I’m glad you are there safely and GOOD LUCK!!AnnDee Nadauld

  2. Caitlyn

    Welcome. I’ve had the fire department at my house (in UT) twice. Once when I was pregnant (I caught the oven on fire, so, unrelated to mommyness) and then once when Chaela was 3 weeks old. She kept projectile vomiting and I had been really, really sick so I was terrified my 3 week old had caught it and was going to die. Yeah, it’s great when they try and fit that whole fire truck + ambulance + another truck into a tiny apartment complex parking lot. Fun times. Fun, fun times.

  3. Kirsten

    LOL!! Oh Maya…don’t be so hard on yourself!! I would have taken him in too. It is all part of the guessing game we have to do with our kids, because unfortunetly they don’t come with written instructions!!! 😉 I wish! Miles is so cute!!! I am also glad you go there safely and am so jealous right now! I grew up partly in Danville, CA in the Bay Area and it is beautiful! You’ll have to do some San Fransisco trips for me when Miles gets older!

  4. Sara Emily

    Don’t feel too bad Maya – it’s SO better to be safe than sorry about stuff like that! Especially when you’re nursing – thrush while nursing is NO FUN and you would wanna get it taken care of ASAP – I know from experience! 🙂 And I’m sure we’ve all been the joke in the break room at one point or another….

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