And the Arrival Date Is..

….February 2nd! Groundhog Day!

I think this is the perfect day for us, so I’m very glad it worked out for my OB as well. Mark and I won’t have to stay in the hospital during the weekend, it gives Mom the most time to stay here to help out, and it’s the easiest day to get pictures of the baby to my grampa, if he’s still alive then (it’s touch and go but he’s been so excited about the baby I kind of hope he can hold out another 11 days). My OB was already booked on the 2nd but before I could even request the date he said he’d be willing to stay longer in the day so that I could have the anesthesiologist who he felt was the best. I really appreciate this and I don’t mind that we have to wait most of the day.

I know that Baby Z and I are in the very best of hands.

In unrelated news, I’d like to remind you of my previous ER Post, where I made a list of actors who I wished would return for this final season. George Clooney IS coming back, which had been rumored, but 3 other characters from my wishlist are returning this season or recently have as well! They are Dr. Romano (same episode that Dr. Green appeared in), Dr. Cordray (last week!) and Nurse Hathaway (for the same episode as Clooney, which they started filming today).

Just had to share my excitement 🙂



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2 responses to “And the Arrival Date Is..

  1. Caitlyn

    Wow, so I guess that makes it 10 days now! Tomorrow you’ll be in single digits!! That’s awesome! Oh, and I’m back in OH temporarily, so I hope I can see you and baby Z before you leave!!

  2. Abbey

    How exciting! Good luck and have fun!

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