I have been blessed to have an experience that I know many are not able to claim: I have kept the same friends since I was very little. Growing up there was a group of us at church that did everything together: Erin, Stephanie, Diane, Ellen, and me. Erin and I, as I’ve mentioned before, have been friends since before I could walk. In 8th grade or so, Caitlyn joined our group. Years later we’re still friends, even though we live all over the country and have spouses and babies/babies on the way.

This Christmas, the stars aligned and all of us but Ellen were in town on one day. Before that, it hadn’t happened for over 2 years, when all of us came to town for Caitlyn’s wedding. So, the 27th Erin, Stephanie, Diane, and I (plus our friend Elyse, who is preggo too), along with the husbands and baby Chaela, got together to catch up.

Elyse and I are due one day apart!

Steph, Elyse, Me, Erin, Caitlyn, and Diane

And, a flashback to the past:



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2 responses to “Reunion!

  1. Caitlyn

    It was awesome! I was so sad Ashlyn couldn’t come, but I ended up seeing her a few days later. She got her wedding dress and my mom is altering it, so she came down. Woo hoo!

  2. Maya

    I’m glad you could see Ashlyn! I saw on Elyse’s blog that she was able to come down, so that’s great. 🙂

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