A New Home!

Today, Mark signed the lease on a new apartment for us! I am so excited about this apartment. Mark is GREAT at picking out apartments. This one has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a great kitchen, and OUR OWN laundry!!! Yes, that’s right folks: our back patio will have a washer and dryer just for us, in an enclosed space. I also love that there is a park in the complex, one that’s big enough for a baseball diamond, tennis courts, and a playground, so I have somewhere to take the baby to play. There are lots of sidewalks for walks around the complex too. The neighborhood is safe, with stores nearby.

I’m grateful for my husband, who works so hard for our family! I know he put a lot of time researching apartments in many cities, checking the distance from those apartments to his job, to the Marfan clinic, and to the baby’s pediatrician, making sure the apartments were cat friendly, investigating laundry options and the amount of stairs I’d have to climb, and whether there were places for me to take the baby out to during the day while he’s at work. Then, after getting up early to clean the church, he spent 2 Saturdays driving all over the bay area to see these places in person and call me periodically with reports on what he was finding. THANKS HONEY! 🙂



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2 responses to “A New Home!

  1. Stephanie g.

    Yay for good husbands!

  2. CamilleJohnFam

    You’ll definitely be praising your own laundry facility when baby comes!

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