Showered With Love

I’ve had a wonderful weekend!  I am truly blessed with amazing friends.  I don’t think I can ever articulate the support I’ve gotten during this time that Mark and I are apart and how much that means to me. I had two perfect baby showers this weekend, thrown by great friends.

Saturday I spent a couple of hours visiting some of my extended Figueiredo family, who I haven’t seen in quite awhile, and then headed to the first baby shower.  Ginny and Yevgenia threw “Baby Pedro” and me a little shower with our APO friends + Susan & Holly. It was great! Yevgenia had it at her new apartment and her fiancee Adam was gracious enough to put up with a bunch of giggling girls for several hours. :-p The shower was ducky themed. Ginny baked a ducky cake and the favors were M&Ms in little ducky boxes.

We played the dirty diaper game, where diff. kinds of chocolate get mashed up and microwaved in a diaper to look like poo and we have to guess the type of chocolate.

Sarah tried to guess the contents by smell.


The girls also tried to guess the size of my belly using string. Katie was closest and most girls cut waaaaaay too much string. It made me feel better about last year when I mis-guessed at Anne’ss shower :-p

Finally, there was the water chugging contest using baby bottles. Classic!

Chloe and Sarah sucking away! Chloe ended up winning.

Marinda placed a close 2nd.

Also? I had a surprise visitor. Amber showed up all the way from Atlanta! Well, technically it was all the way from Michigan since she’d had a med school interview there on Thursday, but still. It was so great to see her!!! 😀

The two hostesses and myself: Ginny loves to poke “Baby Pedro.”

The lovely Cleveland ladies

Yesterday my friends Abbie and Janelle threw me a shower for the girls in our public health division: health behavior, health promotion. The shower was Dr. Seuss themed and they went ALL OUT. Abbie made treats straight out of the Dr. Seuss books, for instance. For example, green eggs and ham were cupcakes with the tops decorated like green eggs.

Lindsey was excited to win the diaper game!

Then we played the Price is Right game (complete with the music!) where we had to figure out if the real price for an item was higher or lower than the price Janelle initially presented.

Abbie revealed the real prices. Janelle sure was clever…she made it very difficult! I only got 30% right haha.

Abbie and Janelle (future professional party planners?)

So again, thanks to all my friends who made this weekend great 😀

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  1. Kirsten

    Such cute baby showers!!! You lucky girl!! I love all the baby shower game ideas and themes! It looks like you had a fun day!!! You’re almost due…that is so exciting!!!

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