Crazy People (aka women who get glee out of freaking out pregnant women)

Ok, first of all, I passed out asleep in class for the first time in AGES. I sat down, opened up the powerpoint, and promptly fell asleep with my computer in my lap. Classy! But, this all worked out b/c today’s class was all about child hazards. And really, who needs to freak out about everything bad that can happen to kids before the baby is even born?

Me, apparently.

After class, this woman comes up to me and asks when I’m due. I tell her and she laughs and says “That’s what you think!” So I replied that yes, it *is* what I think because I am going to induce if the baby makes it to his/her due date. She then feels the need to tell me that it’s unhealthy to induce a full-term baby!  I said “Oh well I want my husband there for the birth and besides, I was late and a meconium birth and seeing as I almost died from that, I would never let a child of mine go very much past his/her due date.”

(I did not explain about me being high-risk because I could just see her saying it would be better I die than use an epidural or something crazy like that.)
Her response? “Ugh. It’s so sad when one little bad experience makes a woman scared to do the right thing.” Ummmm? Just guessing here, but I doubt my mom would classify that as a “little bad experience.”

The whole conversation wouldn’t have been too bad if she’d stopped there, but she didn’t. She went on to first lecture about how the longer the baby is in the womb the better: always. “In fact,” she told me, “pretty much all the babies in my family baked for TEN months!” I was so close to telling her that ANY full term baby “bakes” for 10 months b/c 40 weeks = 10 months, but I just wanted the conversation to be over. From there, she decided it was her duty to tell me all about bad birth stories. She delivered her 2nd child in the bathtub alone, for instance, because her doctor and (now ex) husband didn’t believe she was in labor. Another woman her midwife knew had a one minute labor, and so on and so forth.

I finally had to turn my back on her and walk away while she was talking and just wave goodbye over my shoulder because she would NOT quit talking or take a hint.

What is it with women that they 1) think it’s OK to criticize another woman’s birth plan to her face and 2) tell a first time pregnant woman all her horror stories? Ayiyiyi!

Anyone else want to share the crazy things crazy people told them?



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6 responses to “Crazy People (aka women who get glee out of freaking out pregnant women)

  1. Caitlyn

    Wow. Wow. That’s one of the worst I’ve ever heard! That woman was obviously opinionated and insane, never a good combination. First of all, if a baby goes past 42 weeks, it is NOT healthy. Why is it that pregnancy brings out the crazies in everyone? Good thing it was you and not me, because I would’ve told her to her face that she was one fry short of a happy meal.I never really got unsolicited advice. Except once Will’s crazy Aunt grabbed my stomach, squished it around, and told me it was a boy because of the way I was carrying. And now we know how far old wives’ tales get us. I would induce, too, if it meant Will being there!

  2. CamilleJohnFam

    Always interesting what people feel they are at liberty to share about pregnancy. Why is it suddenly ok for complete strangers to touch your belly when you are pregnant? We didn’t get too many comments with our first pregnancy but could share countless remedies of how to cure a colicy baby that were shared with us (as Lydia was quite the screamer for the first year of life).

  3. Maya

    Haha oh the belly touching! That will be a post for another day, I’m sure :-p

  4. Scott

    Woah! What a terrible experience. It seems like there are always people out there ready to make a happy experience not so happy (ie the comments I got when we bought our house) I think people like that thrive on making people “see the light.” Sorry girl! I am excited for you and have no scary stories to share!

  5. Megan Lewis

    That comment was from me! I didn’t realize I was signed on under scott’s name (just to confuse you!)

  6. Abbey

    I cannot, cannot, cannot even begin to count how many crazies bugged me when I was pregnant. I’m a magnet, I guess.Go for it…induce that baby out of there, and get that epidural first chance you have…you won’t regret it. 🙂 They are much more fun out than in.

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