Long Day

I really really need to be working on my slides for my group’s BPA presentation. Instead, I’m going to blog for a minute about my day. :-p

This morning I woke up to a toilet that didn’t work. Now, to be fair, I went to bed with a toilet that didn’t work. But, I had high hopes that in the morning the toilet would be magically fixed because if you’ve ever been pregnant you’re realize that a 7 month old fetus dancing on your bladder is no laughing matter. Unfortunately, the toilet flooded all over the bathroom floor, and when I say all over I do mean from corner to corner.

Also, yesterday on my way home from campus I tripped while choking on hot chocolate and fell into the mud. This meant I couldn’t really wear my jeans to craft day today. And, since I only have one pair of maternity jeans, I needed to wear my new pink pajama pants. To anyone from the Relief Society craft day reading this: please realize that I do not normally dress like this. I am not trying to be one of those pregnant women who lets what little fashion sense she had pre-pregnancy fly out the window. But, it was either wear pajama pants to go paint or my dress pants, and I would cry if I got paint on my one pair of nice pants.

Later this afternoon the plumber finally came. Thankfully he got the toilet fixed and I’ve been trying to clean out the bathroom since that point. However, later tonight our house manager came by about a leak in a first floor apartment. Turns out our water heater is leaking! Whoo-hoo! I guess that explains why we’ve been running out of hot water in the shower. No word yet on when that will be fixed.

But tonight, after laundry, grocery shopping, bathroom cleaning, dish washing, and bill sorting through, I can finally relax on the couch with Oliver and some ice cream. Just in time for homework. :-/

Oh how long ago a year is!  Oliver was little and I was skinny, haha


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  1. Megan Lewis

    My sweet friend! I am so sorry to hear about your not so great day. It can only go up from here right??

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