Happy Thoughts #2

Some more things that make me smile:

1. Ohio in the fall! We had the windows open today and let that lovely October smell waft in. The air was crisp, but a light sweater was all I needed. The leaves are all changing color, the sky is clear blue, and I’m pretty sure this is how Heaven will look.

2. Oliver cuddling with me. He only does this when no one else is home and he’s sleepy. He also sleeps with me at night, mostly at my feet but sometimes on my belly.

3. Erin, my roommate. It’s great having a friendly face around. 🙂

4. Choc. chip ice cream with warm strawberries on top. Delicious!

5. Mark getting a whole week for Christmas break.

6. My brother’s blog

7. Tiger sharks


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One response to “Happy Thoughts #2

  1. CamilleJohnFam

    I love Ohio fall! How beautiful!

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