Here’s to Dear Old Granville…

…here’s to the blue and white.
Oh may we always cherish
Your standards ever bright.
So here’s to dear old Granville
We raise our voice in song
To tell to all from far and near


I’m pretty sure I left out a line or two, but oh well. In any case, last night was the Homecoming game for my high school. I don’t keep track of that sort of thing anymore, now that Matt and I graduated and Gabriella moved, but now Matt is a sports reporter for the Newark Advocate, covering HS football. He begged and pleaded and was finally granted permission to cover our alma mater’s Homecoming game (apparently objective reporting is overrated in small towns). I decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and join him. I am trying to soak in everything about this fall that I possibly can because it’s my favorite season and California doesn’t really have one. I think you would all agree that small town high school football games are a quintessential part of an Ohio fall.

So, I bundled myself up and battled rush hour traffic to make it to my hometown in time to get parking. The leaves are just beginning to turn, which certainly helps to beautify 70. The stands were already filling up when I got there, 45 minutes till kickoff. In Granville I can’t turn a circle without bumping into someone I know (just ask my family haha) so it took maaaaaybe 10 steps into the stadium before I ran into the Gresses and the Plutes (at about the same time). Over the course of the evening I got to catch up with Coach Simmons and several other teachers and neighbors. Matt let Blake, Tony, and me watch the game from the press box. Definitely cool. Also cool was the fact that we annihilated Whitehall. By halftime it was something like 52-0, with Whitehall only making ONE first down.

The band looked great! Matt and Blake convinced the announcer to introduce our director as “Granville Music Legend John Krumm,” which of course mildly embarrassed him. I left to go home shortly after halftime but took a few minutes to catch up with him. I guess he asked the band the other day who remembered who I was and only about 3 or 4 hands went up. Yes, next year I will officially be old.

And here is Matt’s article.

Before I head off to Alisa’s wedding reception and the movies with Christina and company, a couple of updates:
1) Our baby is apparently a fan of Carrie Underwood (YES! Bwhahahaha!) and Daddy singing Ayreon’s remake of Daydream Believer.
2) It appears as thought OSU is going to let me graduate. My fingers remain crossed.


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  1. ashley

    It’s always nice to go back home. I wish I were as close as you are! I’m hoping to come back sometime next year – Robert is deploying again for 12 months so I’ll have plenty of time on my hands.Glad to hear OSU may let you graduate! 😛

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