I’m going to vent for a moment. This is my last quarter at OSU. I have worked my rear off to ensure that I would graduate early. Because of being sick this summer, I’m basically doing 23 credit hours this quarter to ensure that I graduate. I’m not complaining about this, just stating a fact.

However, OSU gave us FOUR days to turn in our applications to graduate. They did not offer us the opportunity to do this before classes started. Graduation was not discussed with us by anyone. The form was not made available on our college website. We were sent 1 email, 4 class days before the form was due. Then, they can’t understand WHY I didn’t get it turned in.

Yes, it’s my fault. In my defense, I was in the process of moving many of my things into storage during that week so Erin could move in. It was just a smidge of a stressful time. I would have done this earlier (I mean, I had all summer!) if that had been an option.

As a comparison, at Case we had until a month before graduation to fill out our form. It was available in several locations and I think we got emails about it for quite a while before hand (maybe since junior year?). This is just another example of how OSU goes out of their way to make things difficult for their students.

I just got off the phone with a couple diff. offices, pleading my case. It appears as though if I get the paperwork in through 2 diff. offices with a letter from my dept. head included by Friday that I may be able to graduate. What isn’t clear is whether or not I’ll be able to actually walk, which is really all I care about. I want to get my salmon hooded robe and march my preggo self across that stage and say THERE! I GOT MY MPH EVEN THOUGH HALF THE TIME IT REALLY SUCKED AND I HAD TO BE APART FROM MY HUSBAND FOR MONTHS!

Please OSU, don’t deny me that satisfaction.


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