Adventure #4

Saturday was QUITE the day. I started off the morning by going to a baby shower for my friend Erin’s sister, Sarah. Sarah and her husband just adopted the cutest little boy, Gabriel. It was great to catch up with people. I’ve know Erin and her family since we were 1, but I haven’t seen Sarah in years or Erin since Feb. 2007 (she’s was serving a mission for our church in Santiago, Chile). Erin is moving in with me Monday (how am I going to get the apartment ready in time???).

My Big Adventure of the day was going to my first OSU football game! I got a last minute deal on two tickets for dirt cheap, so I jumped on it (seeing as I’ve sold my season tickets). I was a little bit late because of the shower and because my brother gave me BAD DIRECTIONS. In any case, I eventually got to The Shoe and I’ve decided that real life OSU football is probably way more exciting if you’re not 5 months pregnant.

First, I thought that seats were made for sitting in. This was apparently false. Everyone stands. But, since I couldn’t stand for too long, I had to hope that I could catch a little window of space between the people standing in front of me so I could watch the game. Luckily everyone left for half time, so that I got a great view of TBDBITL (and I was totally wearing a TBDBITL t-shirt! Band geek forever!).

After the game, Matt and I had the opportunity to ring the Victory Bell. Not just anyone gets to do this, mind you. The bell was apparently originally donated by members of our service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. This means that only members of APO have the privilege/responsibility of ringing the bell each week. This was my first (and last) time ringing it. To get to the bell you take an elevator up 3 floors and then walk up another 2 flights of stairs to reach the bell tower. The bell was so heavy that it could have lifted me off the ground! Matt took some pictures of me ringing it on his cell phone, so I can someday show Lil Z/Little Z/Blastorge/Pedro/Baby/[insert your own nickname for our child here] what s/he did at his/her first Buckeye game.

Final verdict? A thumbs up for sure, but I am also not sorry I sold my tickets to the other games!

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