I know you have all been waiting on the edge of your seats to hear about my foray into canning. (Just kidding.) Well, I had a lot of fun, but that was mostly from socializing. 0:-) I have to give most of the credit to the 4 quarts of my peaches that were canned to the lovely Lonica. She sterilized the glasses, cut up the peaches, stuffed some of the jars, and then put the jars into the special sealer thing. I worked on taking the skins of peaches and filled some of Lonica’s jars. Oh and Lonica and Beth also created the sauce (?) that goes in with the peaches. But, I loved hearing book recommendations from Lonica and Barbara, listening about Barbara’s adoption story of her daughter, and trading stories with Beth. Beth and Barbara’s kids are too cute! Although I don’t think canning is really up my alley, good company makes anything enjoyable and it was a perfect way to pass the afternoon!

I think next week I am going to make some more jam with Beth 🙂 Also, the four of us were talking about doing a Brasilian dinner some night soon. I love Brasilian cooking and I’m more than happy to teach anyone who wants to know. So, if you are interested in joining us for our little cooking party, leave a comment!


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